The Floating Dutchman is a Penobscot 174 Royalex canoe which we purchased from Mountain Man in Old Forge.

With this canoe, we hope in 2014 to make an attempt at  a thru-paddle of the NFCT.

As aging paddlers, now retired, we have the time.

Whether or not we have the fitness and stamina to do this we will discover in a few months time.

We have been canoe tripping for many years including exciting white water so if experience is the only factor we have a good chance. But life is a lottery and how we will fare depends on our health, the weather and any other chance happening.

We are still in the stone age concerning Internet and mobile devices when travelling and so we will maintain a handwritten diary just as we always do on a trip.

Back home we intend to transcribe it to this site.

We are very excited about this trip and some of our preparation you can find in the Prologue section of this site.

Hopefully in September 2014 you can visit this site and find out how we got on with our travels.

In the meantime enjoy your summer.

GANDV  (Geoff and Valerie)


We made it!  

Arrival at the Eastern Terminus Wednesday 30 July 2014