Section  2: Day 2. Trip day 4 - Tuesday 17 June 2014

15 miles / 24 km -   Lost Channel campsite, Raquette River - Stoney Creek Ponds


We both slept badly last night, itching from all the bites. Geoff looks like he has chicken pox this morning on his face and my eyes have puffed up with bites. We are both a bit depree concerning the blackflies, much more so than the lack of portage wheels. A least it was a nice morning and on the river there were not too many flies.

After an hour of paddling we arrived at the portage around Raquette Falls.


The portage path was pretty good but since we have so much stuff with us (large supplies of batteries, insect repellants, textured vegetable protein for 10 days, etc etc) it is a hard slog and takes us nearly 3 hours. On the first walk we both take a large pack and “double barrel” with a smaller pack on top. For the second walk Geoff takes the canoe and I have the pole, paddles, canoe cart, helmets and 2 day packs. On finishing the portage the ranger invites us onto his insect free veranda for a cup of tea which is very much appreciated.

Back on the Raquette river

Around 14.30 after a short swim we start paddling again and around 16.30 we set up camp at Stoney Creek ponds

Stony Creek

. Chris and Meghan are already there on another site.  The day has been hot and muggy. We are wishing the temperature will cool down.