Section 2 Summary

This section of the trail begins in historic Long Lake, New York, where Adirondack wilderness guides once battled the damming of the waterways with explosives and the nighttime sinking of a steamship. Following the route of early loggers and hunters, the Trail winds along rivers, through a unique silver maple swamp, and across open lakes, where century-old, hand-operated locks still convey paddlers between waterwaysits western terminus at Old Forge, New York, the Trail begins its journey along the Fulton Chain of Lakes, following the historic path of Iroquois trappers in birch bark canoes, traditional log drives down the Raquette River, Adirondack guides leading city “sports” across the wide stretches of Raquette Lake and early steamboats navigating to lodges on the shores of Long Lake.

Start date:Monday 16 June 2014, afternoon Finish date:Thursday 19 June 2014, 10.30 am

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