Section  5: Day 2  Trip day 15 -  Saturday June 28 2014


16 miles  / 25km     Canoe & Co, Glen Sutton - Perkins Landing

Hot and sunny

As we had shuttled part of the Missisquoi past Abbey Rapids, we choose to shuttle the Grand Portage. We made an arrangement that we would ring Francois from Canoe and Co when we got to Mansonville and estimate the time we would arrive at Chemin Peabody. He would then shuttle us from Chemin Peabody to Perkins Landing.

Today I misread the map under estimating the distance you make paddling upstream. It goes very, very slowly. 




We made it to Mansonville by 12.30 and portaged into the town and ate our lunch (sandwiches purchased from the Owls Nest boulangerie) in the town square.  

Steep climb into Mansonville




A friendly local cyclist informed us that there was free WIFI in the park. I tried and it worked. Why are town councils in the Netherlands not so advanced  in providing free Wifi?

Today was also really the first day up till now that we had seen other paddlers on the water. In Swanton we had met a Canadian couple who had paddled down from the border to Swanton. Apart from that we have not seen any paddlers. Today we met numerous day paddlers on the Upper Missisquoi, all paddling downstream of course. It is Saturday and the start of a long weekend, Canada day.


In Mansonville, Canada today we are perhaps only 25 km from Richford USA but the contrast could not be greater.  Richford is a community down on its heels and the inhabitants of Mansonville appear to be very affluent.

After lunch, we ring Francois and walk down to the put in at Park Secteur Nautique. 




We paddled up to the bridge where you get out for the Grand Portage.


Despite the description that you should get out on the NW side of the bridge we could not find a get out, even after paddling about 400 meters further upstream. We returned to the bridge and struggled up to the road in the SE corner. We walked up to the layby by the Mansonville Road / Chemin Peabody junction and waited for Francois who transported us to Perkins Landing.




We had hoped to get our boat washed and perhaps paddle down lake Memphremagog today but despite it being only 16.30 the guy on duty was unwilling to wash  it today and told us to turn up again tomorrow at 5 am.  At least he agreed that it would be ok for us to camp there this evening.

Unlucky for us but it is not only Saturday but good weather. Perkins Landing Park is full of people swimming and barbecuing and drinking.  We wait till everyone has departed before pitching our tent around 9.30pm

Perkins Landing



Lake Memphremagog