Section  6: Day 2.  Trip day 17 -  Monday June 30 2014

5 miles / 8 km     Clyde Pond to Salem Lake



We are ahead of schedule and this morning we first had a discussion about whether we were on a canoe trail or a walking trail? The thru-paddlers guide describes all the road portaging as if this is the standard way to do thing.

Most thru paddlers seem to take to the road for this section but we decided to work our way up the Clyde river by canoe and if it got too difficult to paddle back to Clyde Pond and take the road.

We underestimated how difficult it would be. On the map the rapids are not shown as continuous but as intermittent stripes on the map. In fact this section of river is a continuous boulder garden II+ all the way to Salem Pond.

Initially we attempted poling but with overhanging trees getting in the way it was difficult.

Techniques used today included

We got the GPS out regularly and each time we were disappointed how little distance we had moved.

We started at 8 am.


I could not resist the temptation to photograph the lillies in Clyde pond.





08.20 am



08.54 am



09.23 am




A nice place for a rest


We found a nice place to pause before we passed under the route 91.


Passing under the interstate route 91



10.21 - second rest







Old water pipes generate stoppers across the river




12.16 still going



12.52 pm







Approaching first bridge at Derby center


At 14.00 we reached the first bridge with access to Derby Center. We had already been going for 6 hours. I first asked at the house if I could fill our water container at the house by the bridge. The people were obliging.   We wanted to buy some ice creams up the hill in Derby Center and they suggested we walked up their mown hill which saved walking around the road.



Fresh food purchased up the hill in Derby Center


We pressed on at 14.30 and finally reached the last rapid before Salem Lake at 17.00




As we both hopped into the boat after the final ledge where the river flattens out and you can actually  start to paddle against the current I found I had no white water paddle!

Geoff was quick thinking and suggested it might have flipped out by the last rapid where we had pulled the boat under some branches.

We both get in the boat, I retrieve my wooden paddle and we paddle DOWNSTREAM again to look for it. It may be an enjoyable ride for a few minutes but we will have to make our way back up again. At the second eddy downstream unbelievably we found my paddle!!

Last obstruction


We spotted a turtle under water by the last ledge.


Geoff lost his handkerchief today and all our documents are a little damp as we were up to our chests in water sometimes and actually fell a few times into the water as the rocks are extremely slippery.

The river also contained industrial rubbish. We spotted and old rusted car engine block and they were several rusted pipes lying in the river. One of them actually formed a long stopper.

We are now wondering if Little Spencer Stream is any worse? We are now settled at the Charbo campground.

Between the bridge by Derby centre and Salem Pond we surprised an old guy in very old thread bare underpants sawing off a fallen tree on the side. He was just as surprised to see us.

Entry to Salem Lake


The owner and his wife of Charbo have never heard of the NFCT, this is obviously not a stopping off point for other thru paddlers.

What a canoe pole can also be useful for




Sunset over Salem Lake




PS  We actually enjoyed today!