Section  8: Day 2   Trip day 28 Friday July 11 2014

15 miles /  24 km   Cedar Stumps, Umbagog Lake - Beaver Island, Upper Richardson Lake



There was a beautiful mist on the river this morning after a cold night.


A bummer that yet again we had problems getting the Primus stove going. The tiny metal pricker for cleaning the jets sprung loose from the holder it is spot-welded to and we spent 20 minutes searching for it under the picnic table in a carpet of pine needles. This delayed breakfast for an hour.

It took us 2 hours to walk up to Middle Dam with our packs stopping occassionally to view the beautiful Rapid River.




After a look at the dam and an early lunch it took about 3 hours to paddle to our reserved campsite arriving at 3pm.




It is nice to have a long afternoon to wash, do chores and sit around doing nothing.




We are still trying to work out how to pay for the campsite which was reserved by phone. They do not accept credit cards. We have to pay cash or check. How I can arrange an American check I have do idea. We do not use check books anymore in The Netherlands.  We just hope a ranger comes along this evening to collect the fee.

My left foot is still very painful . I hope it gets better before we have to do more walking.

In the bay behind the campsite there is a loons nest. The loons swimming in the cove are difficult to photograph.




It is yet again a beautiful evening.