Section 12: Day 4   Trip day 43  Saturday July 26 2014

19 miles /  30  km    Scofield Cove, Churchill Lake - Jalbert, Long Lake

Fine and cool with strong South West wind.

To take advantage of the water release into the Allagash in the morning we got up early and set off at 7am.

Sunrise at Scofield CoveI


The wind was already quite strong but contrary to yesterday the wind was now blowing from the SW which enabled us to arrive at Churchill Dam shortly after 8.  There was a notice that you have to check in with the ranger before putting onto the river so dutifully we went off to see him.



We visited the small museum, the Churchill Deport history Center and looked at the photo report of how the Carry was 100 years ago. It certainly makes an impression how this area was lived and worked 100 years ago.



We registered with the ranger and then returned to the boat.  We do not tie our packs in but ensure we have no loose bits and pieces. If we were to dump, we can pick up the luggage from eddies further downstream.

We had an enjoyable hour paddling, first on Chase rapid and then on the subsequent rapids. Unlucky for us the water flow was only 570 cfs. It would have been more enjoyable if it was higher.

Chase Rapids





Apparently you can get the ranger to portage your gear if you are uncertain about paddling White Water.  We did not even consider this option.  An early lunch and then a plod across Umsaskis Lake where the wind seemed to come from the West. 

Umsaskis Lake


As we entered Long Lake the wind picked up again from the South and within 5 minutes we were being blown full speed down the lake. 

Long Lake


We decided enough was enough and stopped at 2pm at Jalbert.  Maybe we can stretch this final section to 5 days.  It seems sad now to be on the last map.  We have got into the rhythm of this canoe journey and are starting to have mixed feelings about finishing.

Good drying wind at Jalbert