Section 1: Day 1. Trip day 1 - Saturday 14 June 2014

14 miles / 22 km - Old Forge -  Lean-to on small island just before portage to 8th lake

Grey, cold and windy. Wind mostly from behind.

We loaded the boat and paddled over from the dock by the Water’s Edge Inn to the NFCT terminus dock at 9.45. We were welcomed there and waved goodbye by the grandparents of Meghan and Chris. Meghan and Chris are also starting their thru-paddle today but had not yet arrived. It was an uneventful day except the predicted temperature of 73F was never achieved. The maximum we recorded was 50F and grey.


We stopped at Inlet for coffee and  muffins. The coffee from bookshop was good if a little expensive. The muffins bought at the bakery were excellent.

Landing stage at Inlet

We were wished well on our travels today by

We decided to stop early (15.30) as it was our first night and we were not very organized yet.

Our first campsite


The site with a lean-to on the island on 7th lake overlooking the portage start into 8th lake is very pleasant.