Section 1: Day 2.  Trip day 2 - Sunday 15 June 2014

16 miles / 25 km -   Lean-to on small island just before portage to 8th lake - Lean-to just before Forked Lake campsite

Cold in the morning. Sunny afternoon.  Light headwinds.

 It rained for most of the night but we slept well. Up at 6 am it was still quite chilly (8C). Chris and Meghan (thru paddlers) paddled past around 7.15 and we started ourselves about 7.30

Drying the boat before we carry over to Browns Tract


The morning was grey and chilly but as we put in after the portage of Browns Tract the sun finally broke thru for the first time since we arrived in the US.

The marsh was beautiful and we enjoyed the change of paddling a river after all the lakes.

Last few meters portage along a boardwalk into Browns Tract Inlet

Always time for a trail mix snack after a portage

Browns Tract Marsh

We stopped for lunch at Tioga Point state campground. We had some difficulty navigating Raquette Lake and then got out the GPS and that made life easier.

Lunch at Tioga Point

Despite it being a sunny SUNDAY afternoon we were surprised how few boats we saw on the lake.

Yesterday we had a tail wind; today we paddled against the wind but luckily it was only a fair breeze.

Rounding Bluff Point the water was quite choppy as we were down wind but it calmed as we got past Beecher Island in Outlet Bay.

Rounding Bluff Point

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. The lakes looked idealistic.

We stopped at 4pm at the lean-to just before Forked Lake campsite. This is also a great spot to relax.

Lean-to just before Forked Lake campsite

Lots of dragon flies at the campsite


Sunset over Forked Lake

We concluded today that our wheels are not that suitable (we had bought a new cart with airless tires for the trip) and that we have too much luggage.  We carried the packs on the portage to Browns Tract Inlet and then wheeled the boat without luggage. Also on the Forked Lake Access short portage I carried the big pack to lighten the load that Geoff pulled along on the wheels.