Section 1: Day 3.  Trip day 3 - Monday 16 June 2014

18 miles / 29 km -   Lean-to on Forked Lake - Lost Channel campsite on the Raquette River


 A day of mixed fortunes. This evening as I write my diary I am now going CRAZY standing in the middle of a cloud of black flies.

Morning on Forked Lake


Our first paddle strokes today

The day did not start too well, the bearing on our canoe cart melted on the portage on the road from Forked Lake to Raquette River.

At least it was a warm and sunny start to the day. The portage around Buttermilk falls went easily and was more the type of portaging we are accustomed to; short portages around rapids or waterfalls on forest paths.

Buttermilk Falls


Finishing the portage at Buttermilk Falls

After a short paddle, we approached the section of class II rapids which we shot. The rapids are in 3 sections. We first ferried over River L, got out, inspected and planned a route.  After the first drop we ferried out R, inspected and short ferrying out R yet again.

The last drop we only inspected from the boat; most of the water was on river R and we picked our way down. We did not hit a single rock, so we were quite chuffed when we got to the bottom.

Approaching the rapids below Buttermilk Falls


The Class II rapid after the falls

We arrived in Long Lake around 1 pm and got out for some lunch. Hurray, we have done our first section

Lunch at Long Lake town beach


Signing the register

In Long Lake we rang Regis Canoe outfitters and asked if they had a canoe cart in stock. They have a cart and will reserve it for us until we get to Saranac Lake. We will just have to carry everything over the portages between here and Saranac Lake.