Section 2: Day 4.  Trip day 6 - Thursday 19 June 2014

20 miles  / 32 km  Lower Saranac Lake campsite 55 - Franklin Falls Pond

Sunny day

Section 2 completed!!

We set off at 8 this morning and encountered a small headwind on the way to Saranac Lake village.

The Lower Lock had a similar system to German locks of winding a wheel to open and close the shutter doors.

Winding Saranac River on the way to the Lower Locks


The lock was empty and we first had to fill it before entering

We arrived at the village at 10.30 to sign off section 2.


After portaging around the dam we stopped at Regis Canoe Outfitters to try and solve our wheel problems and to repair our stove. Geoff was able to use a vice and file in the workshop to replace the plunger in the stove. Let’s hope this works.

Dave helped us with possible options to our cart problems. He had no loose wheels for sale but offered us a very good price on a cart of which we took the two wheels and left the metal work of the new cart with him. Our frame looks stronger.  Unfortunately the small connecting piece he normally uses to attach his air pump to the valve in the wheel had gone missing and he drove off to a hardware shop to get one. It took a long time. I think we spent 2 hours in their store but were grateful that our problems appear to be solved.

Ready for the bin

We then visited the Post Office to send some backpacker food we had been able to buy in their store off to Jackman and we sent a second parcel of unneeded clofthes off to Fort Kent. This visit was followed by a visit to the pharmacy store as my eyes are swollen from the black fly bites. Finally we visited a grocery store for food supplies.  By now it was 2 pm and  time  for lunch in the Blue Moon Café. By 3 pm we were finally ready to depart from Regis Outfitters and tackle section 3.