Section 3: Day 1  Trip day 6 - Thursday 19 June 2014

20 miles  / 32 km  Lower Saranac Lake campsite 55 - Franklin Falls Pond

Sunny day

We finally departed from Regis Canoe Outfitters at 3pm having completed all our chores, repairs and shopping.

It took us 3 hours to paddle to the top of Permanent Rapids. The river was quite shallow and we landed on a few sandbanks on the way there.

Pretty, serene Saranac River


Life jacket and helmet on, ready for Permanent Rapids

We had planned to camp at the top of the rapid but seeing the inviting bubbling white water of which the gradient looked quite gradual, we decided to go for it and paddle it directly. We donned our life jackets and helmets and set off. We got stuck on one rock and  put the first scratch on our new boat (ouch).

In no time we had finished the rapid. Geoff’s first reaction was to put the boat on its new wheels, haul upstream via the portage path and do them again!

I persuaded him it was perhaps time to look for a camp spot.  The site at the outflow of the rapid was completely covered in fisherman and other people partying with coolers and beer. We paddled on and found ourselves a nice site at the top of the pond, left bank, arriving about 18.45.

It is a beautiful evening, with a nearly cloudless sky and not too many blackflies.  I guess we did about 25 km today.





View from campsite on Franklin Falls pond