Section 3: Day 2  Trip day 7 - Friday 20 June 2014

12 miles  / 19 km  Franklin Falls Pond - Casey Road Access

Cold and windy

It was 7C this morning at 6am with a beautiful morning scene of mist rising from the lake.


Today is problematical because of the limited camping options.  We left camp at 8 am and arrived at Union Falls Dam via Franklin Falls Dam at 11.30. The paddle across Union Pond was hard going with the wind blowing against us and producing occasional small white caps.


The temperature is cool today. At 3pm it is still only 14C. We had lunch at Union Falls Dam and reviewed our options. We decide to paddle on the river as far as Casey Road access and see what Trail Rapid is like. There was not too much water flowing over the dam which is a damper because to paddle Class II rapids and further on Class III you need a decent volume of water.

Grateful that we have a working canoe cart again to portage round the dams

The first rapid section  was no problem.  In the second section of the first rapid train, it was not so obvious from above what the best route was. After scouting from the woods we made a flawless run hitting nothing by just gingerly picking our way down.  At the second rapid we decided to shoot unseen and just pick a route, also successful.




We had some difficulty establishing where we were on the river and went slowly trying to identify the scenic cove but we eventually found it. 20 meters downstream from the cove there was also some flag tape in the trees.

Scenic cove

We have now set up camp at 3 pm as there is no way we are going to reach the Separator rapids party site or Bakers Acres today. We s studied the NFCT guide describing the upcoming rapids and decided that with the low level of water, the Class III rapids would be bump, hump and scrap or perhaps impossible and have decided to walk tomorrow morning to Clayburg.



Sharing the campsite

In 1998 we spent 3 weeks bumping, humping and scraping for about 200 km on the Katawagami river and we do not want a repeat. Grade II – III rivers with too little water are no fun.

It is tea-time but regrettably the Primus Omnilite T1 after working so well yesterday evening will not light. Time to get a fire going. There is plenty of firewood here.

The final part of Trail rapids is downstream of the campsite but after a sweaty tramp through the woods to try and view  it, we come across signs mounted for the demarcation of  public and private land.  One thing we worried about when planning this trip is the use of guns in the US and we do not want to trespass on private lands and have a gun pointed at us. We turned back.


I am still trying to get my head around the egoistic use of land here in the US. I have seen more Trespass notices here in 1 week than in my whole life in other place



My swollen eyes are getting better thanks to application of Benodryl  purchased in Saranac Lake. My back is starting to twinge in the middle to lower left area, something which I experience about twice a year and puts me out of action for a few days until the pain passes. I am worried.  Is the NFCT for 62 year olds?