Section 4: Day 1.   Trip day 10 -  Monday June 23 2014

28 miles  /  45 km  Cumberland State Park - Campbell Bay campground



Despite a long and exhausting day yesterday, the weather forecast for today was fantastic with a prediction of light winds and waves less than 1 foot , an opportunity not to be missed.

We set the alarm for 4.30 and I was disappointed when Geoff got out of the tent and reported that there was already a light wind. The lake was rippled. Yesterday evening the surface was like a mirror.

We made our first paddle stroke at 5.30 and rounding Cumberland Head the water was choppy. After heading north and passing the ferry lanes, we set a NE course to Nichols Point. There was a slight swell and a light SE wind. We proceeded via the Gut and Knight Point to North Hero arriving at 9.30

Lake Champlain 5 am





Route 2



9.30 am Time for breakfast at Hero's Welcome



The deli at Hero’s corner was not yet open for serving sandwiches so we took time to drink coffee and thereafter ordered breakfast.

We set off again at 11am and after 1 km realized we had not searched for the NFCT kiosk to sign in. We were not paddling back. The wind had picked up a little since we had landed in North Hero and there was more swell and occasional breaking waves. We rejected the more protected Alburg passage option because we did not fancy portaging over the Carrying Place. The tube looked too small to paddle thru. We continued on to North Hero State Park and arrived at 1 pm. In North Hero we had checked the weather for Tuesday and it was not looking good. We decided to continue on to Campbells Bay campground and arrival was around 3.30pm.

Short rest at North Hero State Park



Missiquoi Bay Bridge



The campground has a small shop and we celebrated our successful crossing of Lake Champlain with mint ice-cream.  Later we also purchased cold beer to complement our evening meal.

We are now relaxing doing the laundry (they have a laundromat with washing machine and dryer here) at this very pleasant rural campground. A guy there on a tractor obviously knew we were coming as he had just mown the grass this morning.