Section  4: Day 2.  Trip day 11 -  Tuesday June 24 2014


16 miles  /  26 km  Campbell Bay campground - Highgate NFCT campsite

Wet and windy

We are so happy we decided to flog ourselves to death yesterday and paddle right across the lake in one day. We awoke at 6am with a stiff breeze already blowing. We were waved goodbye by some folks on the campsite and they pointed out to us the spit of trees marking the Missisquoi delta. No map reading necessary. Although the delta is only 2 km across the bay, about 1 km out  the waves were already pretty big and we were thankful when we surfed and got blown through the reeds to the free passage of water indicating the entrance to the Missisquoi river.


Missisquoi Delta



Happy to be in the shelter of the Missisquoi river. Lake Champlain crossing 100% finished.


On arrival in Swanton we did not identify the park and got out river L (right going upstream) and with a walk past some houses and over the bridge we arrived at the put-in.

Swanton looked pretty miserable in the rain.


We signed the register at the NFCT kiosk in Swanton and noted the misfortune of a couple who had crashed their boot in the Saranac River and stopped their thru paddle attempt.

Also Chris and Meghan who had started the same day as us in Old Forge and we were always continually chasing had signed in on the 21st – the same day they had left Bakers Acres?? Obviously they have skipped a huge section. It means we will not be competing with them for camp sites anymore.

(PS We met them later again in Newport and they had been shuttled from Bakers Acers to North Hero choosing to avoid the white water and big waves).

We stopped in Swanton for lunch (pizza) and hardware and grocery shopping. Our water container, a new purchase for the trip, is already leaking in several places.

Around 2pm, under leaden skies, we set off for Highgate, a relatively easy paddle with wind mainly helping us along. The rain finally stopped as we arrived at the campsite.




View from get out by the Highgate campsite


We made acquaintance with Russ Ford this evening. He came and visited us at the Highgate campsite tonight. He is an educated knowledgeable guy and really passionate about the NFCT and in particular the Missisquoi river. We enjoyed meeting him. He is the first local paddler we have talked to along the trail.

Highgate campsite



An NFCT composting toilet