Section 6: Day 4. Trip day 19 -  Wednesday July 2 2014

10 miles / 16 km Clyde River just above School Road - Lakeview camping, Island Pond

Clyde Final Stint

Ice cream miracle 1

Geoff loves ice cream especially on hot days. We departed from our sand bank home at 8am and paddled for just over 2 hours to Ten Mile Square Road.


We got out for a break, Geoff remarking that he really fancied an ice cream, but I retorted that it was just a rest area.


We noticed a small hut and a board “NFCT farm stand” and wondered what it was. There was a small hut but it was closed.  Just as we were about to set off again, a car drove up to the hut, parked and opened the doors.

Out of curiosity we walked over and made acquaintance with Pat and Bill, supporters of the NFCT.

Pat was opening her stand for the first time this year and we were their first two customers of the year. We purchased two delicious ice creams.


Fortified we continued winding our way up the Clyde, getting lost occasionally in the fen and  pulling over wind falls and beaver dams.




Looking at the plants in the water, you can find your way through the fen




Where there is no current, there are pretty lily ponds.



Carnage on the Clyde

As a break in the monotonous bends, we arrived at the only rapid in this section, a short class I+ boulder field. 


We were wading in the water lining our boat upstream when a group of kayakers appeared at the top of the rapid.

The first lady got down ok in the main current. The 2nd lady capsized and her kayak got wrapped around a rock midstream. As I was in the water anyway and quite close, I walked over, freed the kayak, turned it over letting out the water, and let it float down to an eddy by the bank.




The rest of the group followed, mostly going sideways and landing in the water.

We proceeded upstream and as we reached the top of the rapid we glanced back and noticed that the group was still busy recovering boats.

It seems to be quicker to go upstream than downstream here!


The Clyde section finished with a paddle under a hotel.



Ice cream miracle 2

On arrival at Island Pond we bought ourselves some coffee and sat down to drink it under a covered stand. At that moment the heavens opened and it poured.

Suddenly a group of young people appeared, led by John and Cobbie of the Northwoods Stewardship Center. The 10 young people are on a working holiday with the center. They invited us to participate in their treat of ice cream with root beer. Delicious!  Two ice creams in one day, a little excessive.

We are now installed at the Lakeview camping across the pond on site L8 between 2 huge trailer homes on sites L7 and L9.



Tomorrow we have decided to take a REST DAY.