Section 6: Day 5. Trip day 20 -  Thursday July 2 2014

Lakeview camping, Island Pond


The day began well. We did our laundry and walked into town.




At Simon the Tanner we were able to find some Keen sandals to replace our battered and falling apart water shoes. Our shoes have taken a real beating with all this upstream rock walking.

After a good lunch at the Yellow Deli we scoured the grocery stores for supplies. The choice was pretty limited.

The owner of Simon the Tanner had offered us a lift back to the campsite on completion of our shopping. At this point we were on a HIGH.

We got back to the camping and Geoff picked up the canoe cart to install the extra spacers he had bought in town. Now we are on a LOW again. We have a FLAT tire. The inner tube has burst in the heat.

In the baking sun, Geoff starts the 40 minute walk back to town to see if it can be repaired. It is late afternoon 3rd July and the whole country seems to shut down for festivities on the 4th July.

Geoff was in  luck. He found a garage with an inner tube of the correct size and the wheel is repaired and our cart is working again.

The camping, empty yesterday, is now full to overflowing. There is a constant stream of enormous RV’s and trucks driving onto the camping.



The skies darkened at the end of the afternoon. We made dinner early which was a good thing. Around 7.30pm a HUGE storm with thunder and lightning arrived. The wind whipped under the tarp and pulled it down breaking some of the fixing points. I fixed the tent down with extra pegs and was completely soaked in 10 seconds.  We picked up the tarp, pulled it over our heads and sat under the tarp huddled under it to keep warm at the picnic table. We dared not open the tent door as the inside would have been immediately soaked. We watched the wind whip around the tent but the tent stood steadfast.

Around 9 the wind and rain let off a little and allowed us to get into the tent, all our clothes soaked through but the inner tent and sleeping bags were dry.  Full marks to Hilleberg. The Staika tent never fails.