Section 7: Day 3  Trip day 24 -  Monday July 7 2014

10 miles / 16 km    Upper Ammonoosuc River   Frizzel Campsite - Cordwell Campsite

Fair, later rain



We have plugged upstream all day. Initially we intended to make it to West Milan and Cedar Pond Campground but after 8 hours of continuous paddling including a short portage and some wading we decided to call it a day at 4 pm.

We inspected Cordwell campsite (a nice place) and the sky looked threatening.  We got the tarp up just in time. It has indeed rained buckets since we set up camp but it is nice and cozy sitting together at the picnic table under the tarp.


The first stretch of river this morning up to Stark involved some wading,.  At Stark we got out to sign the register and then returned to the boat to tackle the boulder field upstream of the bridge.



The smallest  public library I have ever seen






We got back in again and starting heading upstream. A guy in his garden River R called over to us just after we had ferried over to the first obstacle and plugged up the first wave of a drop. He told us that most thru-paddlers get out by the church and portage to a picnic area about 1 mile up the road. We were thankful for his advice and did just that.


Thereafter it was a day of continuous hard work plugging our way upstream.




Geoff is now busy assembling ingredients to make us a nut and mushroom risotto for dinner.



We are shopping as we proceed along the trail. Finding dried foods and especially vegetarian food is almost impossible. We shopped at the Newport Coop , veggie stuff,  but mainly for fridges so we bought some “cool” stuff for 1 day. In Island Pond the choice of food was limited. The grocery store in Groveton had more choice but it is impossible to find many dried ingredients. We are using some tinned food for veggies and beans.

Many evenings we have a “starter” of coleslaw made with cabbage, carrots, apple, onion, raisins and mayo. Yesterday we added blue cheese sauce mix to improve the flavor.