Section 7: Day 4  Trip day 25 -  Tuesday July 8 2014

16 miles / 26km   Cordwell campsite Upper Ammonoosuc River  - Seven Islands Bridge, Androscoggin

Sunny and HOT


The Upper Ammonusac has risen this morning. Nevertheless we still had to get out a few times and wade on our final push to Gords Corner store.

Pleased with the new staircase built by volonteers this year?






Hurrah, we have finally finished this river.

Janet at the corner store was extremely helpful allowing us to use her phone to reserve a room in the motel in Errol. We also organized with her a shuttle from the river at the end of the day to the motel, and then a shuttle from the motel back to the river tomorrow We then commenced the arduous  3.8 mile portage to the Androscoggin river.  On seeing the river we continued walking the road for another 2 miles to Pontook Dam.




A cooling swim made up for the heat exhaustion of the long portage.


We were so pleased to be able to paddle in deep water again after the last few days of plugging upstream in a shallow river.  After 1 ½ hours paddling we approached the first rapid, Class I.


With skillful ferrying, searching for slack water, we managed to get up the first rapid without getting out of the boat.


The second rapid was not so easy and we had to do a little wading to get up it.


Thereafter we had an extremely pleasant paddle early evening up to Seven Island Bridge.


We made dinner here while waiting for our shuttle arranged for 7.30pm to bring us to the motel.

Tomorrow further.