Section  9: Day 2   Trip day 31 Monday July 14 2014

25 miles /  40 km   Trout Brook, Flagstaff Lake - Grand Falls Dead River

Sunny and windy


The wind blew hard last night but we woke to clear skies and a fresh breeze from the west. We departed at 7.15 and the wind blew us down the lake in the west to east direction.






We stopped at Hurricane Island. It was a shame it was only 10 am as it would have been a beautiful overnight stop. 



As we turned north towards Flagstaff Dam the going got more difficult with the wind side on.



We originally planned to have lunch on the island marked on the map just before the dam. The site was receiving the full brunt of the wind making it impossible to land on the wind side. On the lee side there was no suitable getting out place. We choose to hack up against the wind to the portage get-out and have lunch there.  


We signed the register here.


We portaged around the falls spending some time on the way at the viewpoint  to admire them.


We first took the boat to the first put-in below the falls but after looking at the low water level we thought better of it and walked further to the beach at Big Eddy.



Beach at Big Eddy


We had intended to camp here  because tomorrow we only want to paddle to the bottom of Spencer Stream and camp.  There were some day visitors and the location on the river is nice but very public.

We pressed on aiming for Philbrick landing. Philbrick landing was occupied and the guy did not want to share. 

Dead River between Long Falls and Grand Falls


At this moment exhaustion began to set in as we paddled an extra 2 miles down river to the portage at Grand Falls. After a false start at trying to find the get-out we located it indicated by some blue tape and set up camp. It is a pleasant site.


and yet another beautiful evening.


Tomorrow is going to be a “rest day” as we only intend to move ourselves a few km downstream to the confluence with Spencer stream.

Today on Flagstaff Lake, a fine day in the middle of July, we did not see any other boat. Unthinkable in Europe.