Section 9: Day 3   Trip day 32  Tuesday July 15 2014

1 mile /  2  km   Grand Falls Dead River - Confluence Dead River and Spencer Stream

Gray and later rainy


Having decided today was going to be a rest day we slept in till 8 am.

Under the trees it is very pleasant despite the mosquitoes and I have spent some time repairing clothes and the straps of a pack that are hanging on with a few threads.


Interesting mushrooms grow around here too.



We started the portage at 10 and took 2 hours to get to the put-in.




We left the boat and packs at the put-in and hiked up to the falls to enjoy lunch on the rocky beach (river L) below the falls.




We realized we could have paddled there and after lunch we did just that and viewed the falls from river R.


At the confluence with Spencer Stream there seem to be two options to camp. On the upstream side is a picnic table, small fire pit and signs of flats where people have camped.  On the downstream side is a large car park and a privy in the woods.  We have pitched the tent at the downstream site between the footpath and the river and have a wonderful view of the Dead River upstream.


Spencer Stream is EXTREMELY LOW and we hoped for rain. We have got it. It is now pouring and Geoff is sitting cleanly washed  together with our washed clothes snugly under the tarp. I amuse myself writing my diary and reading a detective on my E-reader in the insect free environment of the tent.

Geoff is attempting a level 6 Sudoka.



Insect free environment to read a book with view over the Dead River

We looked at the remaining maps together and there does not appear to be anything too difficult anymore with the exception of possibly large WINDY lakes and the Mud Pond Portage.

Just before dusk the rain stopped for a short while.

Sunset at Spencer Stream