Section  10: Day 2  Trip day 34  Thursday July 17 2014

17  miles /   28  km   Beach site, Spencer Lake - Attean Falls

Cool and sunny

5.6 mile PORTAGE - Ouch

This morning we enjoyed our short paddle on Spencer Lake and Fish Pond to the takeout by Hard Scrabble road.





Fish Pond







Take out at Hard Scrabble Road


Thereafter followed a long, long portage of 5.6 miles. What a pain. My blisters are starting to get better since the Rapid River portage but they are still quite painful.


The road goes slowly uphill all the way. We both carry a large pack. On the steeper hills Geoff walks back to wheel the canoe. All in all including a ½ hour lunch break it took us nearly 4 hours.



Never ending


On arrival at Spencer Rips on the Moose River, we found a canoe, breached across two rocks, partially submerged. It is an Old town Discovery 174 and looks almost new.  Geoff considered camping here early and spending the afternoon as a challenge trying to free it. However he also wants to paddle a while having spent so much of the day portaging.


We start paddling the beautiful Moose river and immediately forget the agony of the portage.  It brings us to such beautiful places.

Moose River


We aim to get to Attean Falls for our overnight spot. At the first rapid at the falls we get out river Left, walk the portage trail and inspect the rapid. It is shootable. We return to the boat, put on our helmets, exchange our wooden paddles for our white water paddles and in a few seconds we are in the pool below.

First rapid at Attean Falls


Opposite on river right is a portage trail for the second rapid and an attractive looking campsite. This is home for the night. We inspect the second rapid, also shootable but we will inspect again in the morning. There are 3 campsites here but the nicest is the one at the top of the rapid.


It is yet another beautiful location to spend the night.