Section  10: Day 3  Trip day 35  Friday July 18 2014

7  miles /   11  km   Attean Falls - Jackman


This morning we inspected the second  rapid at the falls again. There was less water on it than last night but it was still runnable. We carried our packs down to the bottom of the rapid as the get-in for loading the boat was easier than by the campsite. We launched at 7.30 and ran the rapid in an empty boat starting river L at the top and finishing river R at the bottom. A lot of hard draw stroking ensured that we had a good run and did not touch anything.  We spent some time surfing back and forth on the bottom wave before putting the packs into the boat.


Despite it being only a short distance to Jackman it took some time as a stiff NW wind produced white caps and rolling waves. On Attean Pond we got some shelter from the numerous islands. Woodside Pond was hard going and we were happy to get off the water at 10 am.

Attean Pond



Big Wood Pond


Sally Mountain Cabins was fully booked but we found a room at the Jackman motel and were allowed access to our room at this early hour of the morning. After showering, the owner offered to drive us to the launderette. What a service! 


We spent the day  first looking in the store at what was available, then making a shopping list and purchasing supplies for 16 days. We still have found no TVP and have bought some cans of beans (heavy).  The grocery store had quite an assortment of dried vegetables, the first time we have found any along the route, and we now have dried carrots, mushrooms, peppers, leeks and tomatoes.  


Dinner at Mama Bear home cooking and early to bed. We noticed in the afternoon that the lake was completely CALM! We were unlucky this morning to catch the wind.