Section  10: Day 4  Trip day 36  Saturday July 19 2014

22  miles /   35  km   Jackman - Little Brassau Lake

Fine weather


What a pleasure it was to put on clean clothes and dry shoes this morning. We left the motel around 7.15 and launched at 7.30 back at the public access landing where we had landed yesterday. We entered the Moose river at 8 and at 10 we entered Long Pond. This stretch of the Moose River was not so interesting.

Moose River


Because of the location of campsites today would be either short or long. We had decided yesterday evening to let our choice be determined by the weather. There was hardly any wind on Long Pond and we reached the camp sites at the Narrows around 11.15.  As we were feeling good and the weather was good we choose to make Brassau lake our final destination for today.

Long Pond


Just before reaching the Demo Road take-out, we enjoyed some small rapids.

Moose River Class I - II rapids


On arrival at the take out for the Demo Road portage we met a group from Outward Bound who were going to make their way down the rapids with portaging and paddling as required. We were very tempted to follow their example but with our new load of shopping for 15 days we decided a portage around the road would probably be easier. The Outward Bound group was only out for a few days and had far less gear with them.

Outward Bound group at Demo Bridge


 Demo road was wheelable. The old logging road was difficult to wheel. It took us 3 hours to portage. 


From Jen, the leader of the Outward Bound group, we learnt that they were heading for the first campsite at the end of the portage trail. Jen informed us about a second site at the head of Little Brassau Lake and we agreed with them we would use that site. On finishing the portage, it appeared that we were faster than the Outward Bound group using the river route but as we had agreed to leave this site for them, we paddled to the lake. The site is little used and is fine for 2 people and is a great location. The only downside is some blackflies also like the site.

Site at Little Brassau Lake



Little Brassau Lake


Just before landing this evening we spotted our first moose of the trip in the Moose river.