Section 11: Day 2   Trip day 38  Monday July 21 2014

16 miles /  25  km    Moosehead Lake, Big Duck Cove - Ogden Point, Lobster Lake

Fine, a little opressive

As it rained yesterday and the forecast had been for sunny weather, I slept badly wondering if the weather forecast for the wind would also be wrong. We have to complete our paddle down Moosehead Lake. We planned to get up at first light but not having slept well, we fell back in sleep and got up at 6am.

We departed at 7.30 with a light breeze from the south.



Around 9.30 we got within reach of the Northeast Carry and spent some time searching for take-out assuming it was NOT by the houses. Mistake! The signposting was confusing suggesting we should search further along the shore but we eventually concluded that we should get out by the sign.






A short portage took us to Ed and Shirley Raymond’s Country Store.



Ed made us fresh coffee and sold us some fresh donuts. It was a nice break. Ed was amazed that Geoff aged 63 was already retired and therefore that we had the time to make this trip. He himself is 72 and seems to have spent all his life working.  We were surprised by the variety of stock he had, one of everything and we were able to fill up on Trail Mix (had reckoned on the Moose Country Store – now closed) and an additional gas cylinder with ISO thread.

Peter Macfarlane had recommended Lobster Lake as a side trip and Ed confirmed that Lobster Lake is a beautiful place but hinted that the insects might be bad.

We continued our portage to the Penobscot river and then paddled up Lobster stream to Lobster Lake and onto the Ranger Station. We left a note at the ranger station that we intended to camp at Ogden Point and set up camp at 2pm at the site Boy Scout. The more open sites were already taken.

Penobscot river



Inhabitant of the Penobscot river



Lobster stream


The afternoon was whiled  away, swimming, paddling and reading.  The only downside is the number of mosquitos, the worst to date on this trip, and they sting really bad.

Entrance to Lobster Lake



Messing around on Lobster Lake


After dinner we made a trip round Big Island. The sunset as viewed from the water was beautiful. It was a relaxing way to spend a warm summer evening paddling at dusk in  an empty boat.









It was also a pleasure to be without the company of the mosquitoes for about 1 ½ hours.

Landing at our camping place, Boy Scout, the mosquitoes resumed their attack. We scurried into the tent, killed off 6 mozzies and settled down for a mosquito free peaceful nights sleep.