Section 11: Day 3   Trip day 39  Tuesday July 22 2014

18 miles /  29 km   Ogden Point, Lobster Lake - Pinestream, Penobscot River

Hot and humid

The mozzies were in force again this morning and I was glad to paddle away from our site on Lobster Lake.  The first part of the Penobscot down to where a cluster of campsites are situated is pretty monotonous.



We lunched at the campsite at the top of Big Island. This would be a great site to camp but it is only 11.30.

Today before lunch we have spotted 3 moose and 1 deer all within the space of two hours.






After lunch the river became much more scenic.












Our plan had been to paddle to the site by Chesuncook House but we both felt exhausted today despite having had a rest afternoon yesterday. I think it is too hot. Suddenly the trip is starting to feel too long.  Maybe it was just the heat or we had not drunk enough today but on passing the site PINESTREAM at 14.30 we decided to call it day!

The hot wind is blowing onto the site and there is not a mozzie in site. What a contrast to Lobster Lake, only 29 km away from here.  After a swim we sunbathed on the grass all afternoon.



We have been debating how to proceed tomorrow. The options are the Mud Pond Carry or the Allagash route.  We favour the Allagash route because we do not mind the upstream sections. However last night a local couple from Springville, Maine on an adjacent site, warned us that the AllagashStream could be pretty low and not paddleable at this time of year.  Today the “rapids” on the Penobscot were pretty scratchy with minimal water flowing over them. We are having a rethink about attempting Mud Pond.

This evening we can yet again enjoy a beautiful sunset.