Section 12: Day 2   Trip day 41  Thursday July 24 2014

16 miles /  25  km    Boy Scout, Chamberlain Lake - Crow's Nest, Chamberlain Lake

Fine and cool with strong North wind

After yesterday’s exhausting portage we slept in late, treated ourselves to two breakfasts (we have food in hand) and got on the water at 10.20am.

The wind was strong from the North and we made extremely slow headway.  It took nearly 2 hours to paddle 6 km to Gravel Beach.



As we passed Donnely Point progress came to a standstill and we stopped at campsite Shady for lunch and waited till the wind abated.







We spotted this group going south. Much easier.



We continued up the lake at a snail’s pace and after 5 hours of hard work we stopped around 3.20 at Crow’s Nest. 




Crow's Nest campsite


We have plenty of time to finish the trip and so we can finally relax and make short days.  We had intended to visit Chamberlain Farm and Lock Dam but crossing the lake today seemed a risky business so we passed them over.  We have in any case decided to portage the Tramway Carry tomorrow even though the Lock Dam portage is shorter.



Afterthought today

Chamberlain Lake is not scenic and very temperamental.  The wind blows, stops for 5 minutes to give you a false sense of security, and then blows again whipping up the water and generating white caps.