Section 13: Day 1  Trip day 44 Sunday July 27 2014

17 miles /  30km  Jalbert Long Lake - Dead Water North, Allagash

Fine, then WET

After a short paddle this morning, we got out for a hop around Long Lake Dam. We first got out L and  inspected for possibly shooting the broken dam. Theoretically it looked OK but you never know what is under water with a man-made construction. Then commonsense got the better of us and we paddled over to the other side and carried the few meters around the dam. 




Is it shootable?



Long Lake Dam


The campsite at the dam was manicured.I would be happy to have a garden like that, with cut grass and an assortment of wild flower borders.






Today I was convinced more moose live in Maine than people. Since we registered with the ranger yesterday by Chase Rapids we have not seen a single person but about 50 moose, often in pairs, some deer and eagles.



I have never been aware from the blogs I have read, that you need to wade in the Allagash, but this afternoon we waded more than we paddled. The river is really low with lots of horrible rocks just under the surface.






We have now completed all the lake paddling on the trail. The last and smallest, Round Pond, was the most nerve racking of all. It was blowing Beaufort 6 or 7 from the south and generated very steep surfing waves. For just 2 km we surfed down the lake to the exit and were glad to arrive at the Turks Head campsite without dumping.

After the wind came the rain.  It clouded over within the space of an hour, the wind died and it poured.



Plenty of moose grazed in the rain. We stopped to inspect a few campsites but all were sodden with huge puddles everywhere.  At Dead Water North the main part of the site with picnic table was also wet but behind in the wood we found two flat areas where the ground was draining properly and set up the tarp and the tent.






An eagle keeps a  watchful eye on us from a tall pine tree on the opposite bank and two moose graze in the still water unaware of the two sodden humans and their camp.



At the end of the evening there was a short break in the rain.