Section 13: Day 3   Trip day 46  Tuesday July 29 2014

17 miles /  27  km    Twin Brook East, Allagash - Pelletiers campground, St. John

Grey and overcast day.

The river is so different to yesterday. It is FULL and a pleasure to paddle. There is not a rock in sight. The misery of the rain was worth it.

It took us 45 minutes to paddle down to Kelly’s diner. Service is very slow but it is nice to be warm and sit inside and eat a traditional breakfast.






After breakfast we got back in the boat, floated a short distance and got out to take one last picture of the Allagash from the road bridge.



Our fear of a few days ago of having to walk the St. John is unwarranted. After the rain from the last two days the river is full and we speed in no time to Pelletiers campground. The rapids were fun with big waves and Geoff (bow man) complained about getting wet.







St. John River below Allagash


We spotted the red rubbish bins of Pelletiers campground from the river and landed just before 12.



There is actually plenty of time to finish the trip today but we would rather take our time and finish tomorrow morning.

Also before we started the trip, a German friend had recommended that I contact Norman, the owner of the campground,  about possibly selling our canoe to him and he had reacted quite positively.

Norman was not there when we landed. We went off for a short walk to the village. There is a museum but it is only open on Wednesdays and today is Tuesday.

Saint Francis Historical Museum





We spent the rest of the afternoon reading.  We met Norman this evening, a very kind guy,  and after some humming and hawing he agreed to buy our boat for a little less than we had asked for. It is a shame to part with the boat. We have really enjoyed paddling it but we cannot take it home. Norman will meet us tomorrow in Fort Kent and bring us to the motel and take ownership of his new boat.

Our phone still was receiving no signal in St. Francis and Norman let us use his phone to ring and reserve a room for tomorrow night at the Northern Door Inn.