Section 13: Day 4   Trip day 47  Wednesday July 30 2014

17 miles /  27  km    Pelletiers campground, St. John - Riverside Park, Fort Kent


The final day. We woke to a misty morning and could not see the river. Got up slowly and were ready to go at 8.30. 




The last portage


Norman had suggested that it would take us 5 hours to paddle the final 27 km to Fort Kent. We estimated less. 

After the mist cleared, it was a fine sunny day to finish.  It took us just over 3 hours to get to Fort Kent with the assistance of the current.







Fort Kent in sight


Landing at the park was an anti-climax.



We moved  the boat up to the NFCT board and asked a family lunching in the park to take our picture.



We ate lunch ourselves and then tried to ring Norman. Still no signal with our phone but I asked one of the people seated in a truck eating lunch if we could borrow a phone to ring Norman. He obliged and within ½ hour we were loading our stuff into his van and saying goodbye to the Floating Dutchman.